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This document provides instruction on how to set up and use the AceCo Shear Knife Grinding Guide.  The guide was designed to simplify and improve sharpening shear cut moulder heads. The grinding guide provides a precise and efficient knife edge ranging from zero to 15 degrees.

AceCo Part Number G12-006

The AceCo Shear Guide allows for a smooth transition as the knife comes in contact with the grinding wheel. The guide helps insure that the grind across the face of the knife is consistent- minimizing the chance of creating a tapered face.

The guide is capable of grinding both left and right-hand shear cut moulder heads.  The guide is symmetrical front to back and easily adjusts from side to side; creating a consistent grind from the leading edge of the knife all the way across the knife face.

The guide easily mounts on most grinders. When setting up the guide, the center of the guide must be aligned with the center of the grinding wheel. It is recommended that the guide be as close to the wheel as possible, without actually touching, to ensure a rigid set-up and to reduce chatter. Use the stylus and guide rail as a straight-line reference. The guide rail must be parallel with the arbor of the machine or the moulder head will cut a taper.


The direction of the guide and grind pass correlate directly to the angle direction of the of the knife. The knife relief angle is achieved by moving the center height of the grinding wheel in relationship to the center height of the moulder head.