Aceco Heat Treating was started to heat treat knives for our Industrial Knife divisions. We developed an expertise in handling delicate parts and minimizing distortion during heat treatment. You can be assured your parts will receive this same careful processing. Our investment in vacuum heat treating and computer controls ensures high quality heat treatment to all of our customers.

In our pursuit of quality, we have a staff metallurgist who oversees all heat treat operations. Our metallurgist is available to answer any metallurgical questions our customers have. We are happy to help with heat treat or material selection questions.

  • AceCo Vacuum Heat Treatment


Our vacuum furnace is ideal for hardening of martensitic (400 series) steels and tool steels. We also have considerable experience in the heat treatment of powder metal steels such as S30V. The vacuum furnace results in a very clean, scale free surface with minimal distortion. Our furnace has a 24” x 24” 36” work zone and can handle up to 1200 lbs. Positive pressure high velocity gas quenching ensures your parts obtain maximum hardness.



Salt bath heat treating is an old but effective method of heat treating alloy steels (4130, 4340 etc.) while protecting them from decarburization and scaling. Because the salt supports the part during heating, distortion is minimized. After heating, the parts are quenched in oil. The work zone for this process is 10” diameter x 14” long. It is well suited to smaller parts and low part quantities.

  • AceCo Materials Heat Treated


Below is a list of some of the materials we heat treat:

  • AceCo Metallurgical Services


We have a staff metallurgist and a metallurgical lab to assure the quality of our heat treatment as well as to provide metallurgical consulting. We have the capability to perform Rockwell and microhardness testing. We can examine and analyze specimens at magnifications of 7X to 1000X. Please give us a call for assistance with failure analysis or material selection.

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